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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Optrel Isofit Headgear Upgrade

Upgrade your current Optrel welding helmet to fit like a dream with the IsoFit headgear. Fits on all current Optrel helmets except the weldcap series

The new Optrel IsoFit headgear. It just fits perfectly. The purpose of the IsoFit headgear is to create a unique and personalized fit for comfortable extended use.

Personalized Perfection

Wearing comfortable gear has a positive impact on health and performance of every single worker. That's something that Optrel's customers have known for years. The headgear on a welding helmet is the central connector between the welder and their helmet. That's why the headgear plays the central role in matters of comfort and ergonomics.

Now, the Optrel engineers have set a new benchmark with the all new IsoFit® headgear. It’s the only product worldwide which is adjustable in width, length and height to any form of head - 3-dimensional. That’s why we consider it the perfect fit.

What seemed to be impossible is solved by a genius construction, which for the first time at all uses a liner fit system. This connects a two-layer construction with two stabilizers on forehead and rear.

The inner layer and the stabilizers are equipped with extremely comfortable tricot textile pads. With any turn of the micro-adjustable rotary wheel the inner layer as well as the stabilizers snuggle to the head of the user.

The outer layer at the same time stays absolutely stable and provides perfect positioning even in extreme working positions, what was an unsolved problem with any ergonomic headgear until today.

Wide surface, replaceable comfort pads for wearing comfort.

For padding, the Optrel IsoFit headgear is equipped on the inside with a comfort pad made with soft tricot textile. The pad increases wearing comfort again by a whole other level. The user can easily remove and clean the pad, or if they choose, exchange for a new one.

Combine the IsoFit with any Optrel helmet to accommodate any head size from Small to XL.

The headgear is able to be unmounted, cleaned with soap and water and remounted in a short amount of time.

Optrel Part Number 5003.290

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