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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

LC10 Cable Connector

par Powerweld
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Prix d'origine
$5.90 - $12.00
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Male/Female: Complete Kit
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LC10 Cable Connector Kit - Male & Female 

The LC10 cable connector kit is perfect for building new cable leads or replacing old worn cable connectors. The LC10 cable connectors have a max amperage rating of 250 Amps and are designed to accept #4 Gauge to 1/0 Gauge wire. 

The LC10 has an advanced design that allows exceptional connectivity and functionality to any welder cable. It is insulated and made from high quality brass and has a special heat/cold resistant coated cover material. 


  • LC10 Great for replacing old worn connectors
  • Max Amperage Rating of 250Amps
  • Designed to accept #4 to 1/0 Gauge wire
  • Advanced design for connectivity and functionality
  • Made of quality materials such as Brass, non-brittle Insulated Plastic covering, Special heat/cold resistant coating material over Brass
  • Has Ball Point set screw - No more damaging wire strands 
  • Includes both Male and Female connectors

Installing Instructions:

  1. Remove the cable holder body from cover and slip cover over cable
  2. Trim cable insulation back 1-3/16" exposing copper stranding
  3. Insert bare end of the cable into cable holder body and tighten the ball point set screw
  4. Slip cover over cable holder body
  5. To engage: Insert male half into female half until both covers touch. Twist clockwise until connectors are torqued tightly together
  6. To Disengage: Twist counter-clockwise and pull apart
  7. If connectors no longer fit tightly upon inserting the male connector, Then spread split in Male connector with a screw driver or similar tool until tightness is restored. 

Package Includes: 

  • Male connector
  • Female connector 
  • Insulated covering for both Male and Female
  • Allen head Key
  • 2x Wire press cap 


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