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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Cougartron ProPlus Weld Cleaner

Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique solution for customers needing a high-performance, reliable, and portable machine that delivers superior results with:

  • weld cleaning (TIG and MIG)
  • surface polishing
  • marking and etching*

The ProPlus machine is portable, easy to use, and puts on a stellar weld cleaning performance every time! ProPlus can be used for everyday cleaning of TIG – up to 3/8” and MIG – up to 3/16” stainless steel welds.

Its power and reliability are owed to CougarSense – Cougartron’s proprietary technology that combines the digital system and hardware in an optimal way to deliver:

  • Superior 572°F (300°C ) cleaning performance compared to traditional low-powered 212°F (100° C) weld cleaners equipped with felt fabric or cloth pads instead of carbon cleaning brushes
  • Intelligent electronics for consistent power and uninterrupted production
  • Unique touch-control user interface & power readout for an easy user-friendly experience and faster machine operation

ProPlus machine is delivered in a starter set with all fluids and accessories you need to get started with cleaning right away. See the complete list of contents down below.

Using extension cords (sold separately), you can use the machine as much as 52feet (16m) feet away from the power source. ProPlus is suitable for both on-and-off site use.

*In order to use your ProPlus machine for marking, you must equip it with the contents of Cougartron Basic Etching set – WELC4045,  or the Etching set with Footswitch – WELC4035 (for units purchased before December 2019)
The etching set is sold separately.


Weight: 33.07 lbs

Dimensions/size: 8.6'' wide x 12.5'' high x 7'' deep

Power input/output: 110V (230V) / 14V, 50 Amps

Application/Capabilities: Weld cleaning, Passivation, Electropolishing, Marking

Weld cleaning method: Electrochemical

Metal type: Stainless steel, Aluminum

Weld type: TIG – Light and dark, MIG – Light (up to 3/16")

Recommended Brush: Powerbrush 0-30 Amps, Superbrush with Hex Crimp 30-50 Amps

Maximum amount of brushes used at the same time: Two (2)

Material: Splash-proof , durable plastic case sealed box

Warranty: 2 Years after registration


  • ProPlus machine
  • Cougartron Handle Cable (Orange)
  • Cougartron Earth Cable (Black)
  • Cougartron Superbrush weld cleaning brush –  10 pack
  • Wand & twist shroud set (for weld cleaning brush)
  • CGT-350 Weld-Cleaning  – 1Qt
  • CGT-N1 Neutralising Fluid – 0.5Qt
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Cougartron sprayer for N-1 neutralizer bottle
  • Cougartron acid container (for weld cleaning fluid)
  • USB with user manual and MSDS
  • ProPlus Quick Start Guide – Infographics


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