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Victor Style Heavy Duty Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit with Tanks

Original price $420.00 - Original price $670.00
Original price
$420.00 - $670.00
Current price $420.00
Options: Outfit With Tote (No Tanks)

Portable Victor Style Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit with Tanks

Cutting, Welding, Heating Outfit

Contains all the equipment you need for cutting, welding, and brazing anywhere in a rugged plastic carrying case. Cuts up to 6" and welds up to 3/8".

9/16"-18 B Connections


  • 313OX Oxygen Regulator
  • 313AC Acetylene Regulator
  • PW100 Welding Torch
  • PW1350 Cutting Attachment
  • 3-101 Cutting Tip Size #0
  • CV20R/CV21L Check Valve Set
  • PW316-12 Twin Welding Hose
  • R1165 Welding Goggles
  • 3001 Flint Lighter
  • PTK-T Carry Tote


  • PTK: Tote and Outfit (No Cylinders)
  • PTK-C: Tote and outfit with cylinders

Option with tanks includes a OX-20 oxygen cylinder and an AC-10 acetylene cylinder

The tanks are certified. You can get them filled at your current vendor. The tanks ship empty. You can not safely ship oxygen and acetylene through the mail.

Hose extensions available in sizes 25', 50', and 100'

Cutting Tips available in all sizes