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Screw Clamp with Round Pipe (Burnished)

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The Siegmund Screw Clamp with Round Pipe is the tool that offers fast, powerful clamping and precise positioning of a variety of work pieces. Time-saving adjustments within seconds and simple dismantling guarantee maximum efficiency. For individual fitting, we offer special sizes of horizontal and vertical bars.

A long lifetime and efficiency is guaranteed by the burnished material, as well as the option to order replacement parts individually.

Suitable for simple clamping applications (see max. load).

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160601
- Burnished
- Ball Diameter Spindle: 8mm (0.315")
- Maximum Load: 1.5 kN
- Width: 163mm (6.41'')
- Height: 200mm (7.87'')
- Weight: 2.40 Ibs.