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Long Term Connecting Bolt for Aluminum Accessories (Double)

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The Siegmund Double Collar Connecting Bolt was specially designed to serve as a fixed long-term connection between large Siegmund elements, e.g. tables, U-squares and aluminum profiles. For a better fitting when connecting aluminum profiles, a special flat screw is used for clamping.

The bolt head is equipped with a 6mm hexagonal bit and the special screw is equipped with a 4mm hexagonal bit.

This connecting bolt is also suitable for use in oblong holes.

Especially suitable for aluminum.

Clamping torque dependent on material.

When clamping aluminum parts, the bolts must only be tightened hand-tight.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160583
- Burnished
- For Connecting 2 Siegmund Components
- With Hexagon Socket
- Length: 39 mm (1.54")
- Weight: 0.15 lbs.
- Diameter: 16 mm (.63")
- Shearing Force: 55 kN
- Tightening Torque Steel: 10 Nm
- Tightening Torque Aluminum: 15 Nm
- Tensile Force: 3 kN