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Cougartron Purge´N´Weld Weld Purge Bung Kit

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Purge’N’Weld bungs are designed to create a perfect seal during back purging and will improve your weld quality. The bungs are built from quality silicone to withstand high temperatures in close proximity to the weld. The kit contains 6 pairs or plugs, gas diffuser, purging tube and quick release fitting for instant purge line connection.


Purge ‘n’ weld bungs are designed to create a perfect seal during back purging and will improve your weld quality which will further improve the weld cleaning process.

The bungs are built from quality silicone to withstand high temperatures in close proximity to the weld and are supplied with a diffuser for the best gas coverage.

The set contains six different pairs of bungs to suit different pipe diameters. A gas diffuser, quick release coupler, and a purging tube are also included in the kit. The kit comes in our heavy-duty Cougartron orange case with a practical handle and foam inserts.

Bung sizes fit the following pipe diameters:

  • 23mm – 26mm (1”)
  • 32mm – 38mm (1.5”)
  • 45mm – 52mm (2”)
  • 55mm – 63mm (2.5”)
  • 72mm – 76mm (3”)
  • 84mm – 103mm (4”)



5.5 lbs


  • 6 pairs of bungs (in different sizes)
  • Gas diffuser
  • Purging tube
  • Quick Release Fitting
  • Carry Case
  • Measuring tool
  • Quick Start Guide