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CK Worldwide CK20 Water Cooled TIG Torch With Gas Valve

Original price $204.99 - Original price $334.99
Original price
$204.99 - $334.99
Current price $204.99
Cable Length: 12.5 Feet
Cable Type: Standard

CK Worldwide CK20 Water Cooled TIG Torch With Gas Valve

Water cooled #20 TIG torch with gas valve sold in the configuration of your choice. Gas is controlled on torch body. A small 250 amp TIG torch. Your welder will hit duty cycle before the torch gets too hot!

  • Water cooled TIG torches allow for a more compact front end (2 series consumables) while maintaining high amperage capacity  
  • Water cooled 250 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100% duty cycle
  • Rigid head torch - 7-1/2" length (19.0 cm) 3 oz weight (85 g) 
  • Superflex cable available - Silicone hose with a nylon overbraid making it lighter and more flexible than traditional TIG cable

Part numbers:

  • CK20V-12- 12.5' Standard 3 piece Cable
  • CK20V-25 - 25' Standard 3 piece Cable
  • CK20V-12SF - 12.5' Superflex 3 piece Cable
  • CK20V-25SF - 25' Superflex 3 piece Cable


CK Worldwide CK20 TIG torches use industry standard fittings that are the same as or similar to Miller Weldcraft WP20, ESAB Heliarc HW-20, and Lincoln PTW-20 TIG torches. Email to confirm this TIG torch will fit your machine, or to get the correct adapter.