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CK Worldwide 1.5% Lanthanated Tungsten (Gold)

Original price $5.49 - Original price $101.99
Original price
$5.49 - $101.99
Current price $5.49
Size: 0.020” x 7”

The best non-radioactive alternative to red tungsten for DC TIG welding stainless steel. 

Principal Oxide: 1.3 –1.7% Lanthanum Oxide

Non-Radioactive. Best for use in Direct Current (D/C) as an alternative to 2% Thoriated using inverter or transformer based constant current power sources. Best for non corroding steels, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys. Best D/C arc starts and stability, low erosion rate, wide amperage range, no spitting.

  • Offers the best D/C arc starts and stability
  • Low erosion rate
  • Wide amperage range
  • No spitting.

***A purchase quantity of 1 corresponds to a pack of 10 individual rods***