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Universal Basic Pipe Clamp

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The Siegmund Universal Basic Pipe Clamp Universal, with swiveling Arbor enables flexible clamping at a + / - 42 degree angle. This Pipe Clamp combines the advantages of conventional 45° or 90° clamps. It can be used at an angle as well as straight, resulting in additional clamping options and a more variable clamping range. The horizontal round tube with a length of 150mm is fully adjustable and creates, combined with the swiveling arbor, a variable clamping range. The length of the vertical pipe is 150mm. To safely fasten different welding parts, the prisms are interchangeable. To integrate the vertical pipe into the system bore holes, an adjusting ring is used (Item No. 2-160653).

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160604
- Burnished
- Maximum Load: 0.6 kN
- Width: 165mm ( 6.49'')
- Height: 150mm (5.90'')
- Weight: 1.76 Ibs.