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Ø 50mm 90°/120° Vario Prism with Screwed-In Collar (Nitrided)

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The Siegmund Ø 50mm Vario Prism is suitable for both rounded and 45° twisted square pipes with a diameter up to 80mm, due to its 90° and 120° angles. In addition, the prism can be universally used for all 16mm bore holes.

The prism with screwed-in collar can be fastened in the bore holes. For free positioning of the prism independent of the hole grid you can easily unscrew the collar from the prism. If necessary, the working height of the prism can be varied by a prism extension.s

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160645.1.N
- Nitrided
- Height: 20mm (0.78'')
- Diameter: 50mm (1.96'')
- Weight: 0.46 Ibs.