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We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.
We're Moving! Please note we will be moving into a new location to service you better. We will try and make this as seamless as possible however we do apologize for any delays that may be caused.

Optrel Helix Quattro - 1050.100

by Optrel
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Optrel Helix Quattro Welding Helmet

Advanced auto-darkening technology, adjustable shade levels, and optimal eye protection. The panoramic field of vision offers unparalleled visibility, allowing you to see your workpiece clearly from multiple angles. Featuring Optrel's innovative Crystal Lens Technology, the Helix Quattro ensures crystal clear visibility by filtering out harmful UV and IR radiation. This not only protects your eyes from potential hazards but also enhances your overall welding experience with sharp and true-to-life colors. Designed for durability, the Helix Quattro is built to withstand the toughest working conditions. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials guarantee longevity, making it a reliable choice for professional welders.

What sets the Helix Quattro apart is its convenient slide-up design. This unique feature allows you to easily switch between welding and non-welding tasks without removing the entire helmet. Say goodbye to frequent interruptions and wasted time, as you can effortlessly check your work or communicate with colleagues without compromising safety. The internal anti-glare unit ensures maximum comfort during long hours of welding. It reduces eye strain and eliminates annoying reflections, allowing you to focus solely on your work.


Optrel, a trusted brand in the welding industry, has included all the essential technical features in the Helix Quattro. With adjustable shade levels, you can customize the darkness of the auto-darkening lens according to your specific welding needs. This flexibility not only improves visibility but also enables you to work efficiently and accurately.

Standard Features:

  • Panoramic XXL field of view
  • EN379 classification 1/1/1/1
  • Shade levels 4-14
  • ShadeTronic®
  • Fadetronic
  • Rechargeable battery unit with charging via the welding arc
  • 5-point multi-detection sensors

Helix helmets on and off

When it comes to safety and precision, there should be no compromises. Optrel offers the Helix Quattro welding helmet that guarantees exceptional performance, even in the most challenging situations. With this advanced equipment, you can weld with confidence and clarity, surpassing any expectations you may have. Experience Optrel's newest slide-up welding helmet and elevate your welding experience to a whole new level.

    If you are seeking a convenient slide-up feature for seamless task-switching and desire an expansive field of vision, coupled with exceptional brightness and accurate color representation during welding, then the Helix Quattro is the perfect choice for you.

    The Optrel Helix Quattro is available with an integrated IsoFit® headgear

    NEW Position Locker

    Locking position of the Helix quattro

    The latest addition to the Optrel Panoramaxx series welding helmets is the enhanced two-position locking feature, ensuring a secure open or closed position. This innovative function now comes as a standard feature, along with the IsoFit® headgear, available in all models.

    Features and Technical Specs

    • Integrated, removable hard hat included
    • Detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjustment from 4 to 13
    • Sensitivity Control prevents ADF from responding too soon or not at all to the arc flash
    • Opening Delay: Adjust the time it takes to switch from dark to light
    • Curved helmet optimized for overhead welding
    • Meets CSA standard Z94.3
    • Part No. 1050.100
     Shade levels

    Light state: shade level 3.0/4.0
    Manual: Shade levels 8-12
    ShadeTronic : Automatic Shades 4-13 with individual calibration option ± 2

    Energy supply

    Solar cells with Li-Polymer battery pack, chargeable via Micro-USB

    Battery life range 300 to 500 charging cycles
    Five sensors
    Sensitivity continuously, new with “Super High” sensitivity
    Switching time 0.090 ms at 20°C
    0.070 ms at 55°C
    dark to light:
    0.1 s to 2.0 s (with FadeTronic)
    Field of vision
    2.3 to 6.3 times bigger than a 100 x 50 mm standard ADF
    Classification EN379
    Shape stability
    Mask: up to 220°C
    Front cover lens: up to 137°C
    Eye protection UV/IR protection: maximum protection at all shade levels
    Operating temperature -10°C to + 55°C / 14°F to 131°F
    Storage temperature -20°C to + 70°C / -4°F to 158°F
    620 grams
    Warranty  2 Years, 3 Years with registration

    What's Included

    • Welding helmet
    • Optrel IsoFit® headgear
    • Hard Hat
    • Storage Bag
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Front Cover Lens 
    • Warranty Card


    • From the date of purchase: 2 years for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months for the battery
    • 1 year warranty extension (except batteries) for online product registration within the first 6 months

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Dietmar Corona
    Its ok nothing crazy

    I wouldnt buy it again and i would return it if i could. The helmet is heavy the isofit doesnt fit well, its supposed to be used a swiss air respirator but it doesnt fit right while wearing the mask. The flip up lense sometimes leaves a bit of a crack where lights comes in. Its somehow thinner than the panoramaxx. Id say just get a panoramaxx instead

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