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Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

by Optrel
Original price $600.00 - Original price $625.00
Original price
$600.00 - $625.00
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Color: Heat Reflective Silver

WARNING: Welding with CLT technology is highly addictive, and will ruin and/or spoil you. Welding with any other helmet will no longer spark joy.

The Optrel Crystal 2.0 is named for it's crystal clear view, and it's world record shade level 2.0 in the light state. For comparison, the industry standard shade level of 4.0 is rated for 5% light transmissibility while a shade level of 2.0 is rated for 31%. A pair of sunglasses blocks more light than the crystal, you could read a book with this helmet on. There's a reason Optrel stopped developing flip front lids; with the CLT (Crystal Lens Technology) it is like looking through a clear window. You can grind, read drawings, and stay aware of your surroundings all without ever taking your hood off. 

Not all "True Color" lenses are created equally: The patented swiss lens technology (yes, these helmets are made in Switzerland), achieves an industry best 92% color range meaning you can see 92% of the colors in existence. To legally be allowed to advertise as having true color technology, you only need to view 51% of colors. You will have an exceptionally high contrast view of the welding pool, which makes a particularly large difference to TIG welders that really need to see what's going on around the arc. 

Optrel Exclusive Autopilot: Optrel still holds a patent on it's autopilot feature, meaning you can't get this anywhere else. On the majority of auto darkening welding helmets, you set a desired shade level in the dark state, say 12 or 13, and then when you strike an arc the lens darkens to that level and stays there no matter how dark or bright it is. With autopilot, you don't need to guess which shade level is correct; the ADF will adjust its shade level by the millisecond to let the perfect amount of light in. This is an absolute game changer for TIG welders as the lens will stay perfectly in synch as you work your foot pedal changing the amperage. Once you experience autopilot, you won't be able to go back to guessing the shade level and seeing spots after getting it wrong or experiencing a flare up. If you find the default settings to be too dark or light, you can adjust this in 0.1 increments up to +/- 2 full shade levels using external knob controls. No need to remove your lid to change settings. If it turns out you don't like autopilot and want to do it the old way, you can...But you won't!

Twilight Mode: Most helmets can adjust how quickly or slowly the ADF returns to the light state when you are done welding, but have you ever considered how smoothly the lens returns to the light state? With the twilight feature, the lens transitions from dark to light state in a natural and smooth manor which reduces strain on your eyes. If you ever find yourself feeling like your vision is a bit off after a long day of welding, you will appreciate the benefits of twilight mode. 

Black or Heat Reflective Silver?: The silver color is not just an appearance upgrade, but is a lab developed heat reflective gel coating. If you are welding on 3 phase power fusing super thick pieces of metal together at amperages that cast a bright aura around the entire shop like a star exploding in hell, you will appreciate how cool your head stays with the silver paint. If you never venture above 200 amps, and you just want to get the CLT technology at the cheapest price then the black color is fine.


If you want to add to the epicness of this helmet, consider upgrading the standard headgear to the Optrel Isofit Headgear Upgrade for the Optrel Crystal 2.0


We stock all replacement parts for the Crystal.

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Magnifying Cheater Lens for Optrel Crystal 2.0

Replacement Front Sweat Band for Optrel Crystal 2.0

Replacement Rear Sweat Band for Optrel Crystal 2.0



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