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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Miller Wireless Foot Pedal

Wireless foot control 301580 (previously part number 300429) improves productivity and maneuverability by eliminating cord tangles. Reduces clean up time and work area cord clutter. Operating range of 90ft. 

This is exactly what you think it is. A foot pedal with absolutely no wires attached. This is something we could only dream about 10 years ago. This is the amperage control pedal you deserve. 


  • Easy-to-install receiver plugs directly into the 14-pin receptacle of Miller machines.
  • Easy-Glide Wear Pads glide across concrete, making it easy to reposition the pedal for comfort and speed.
  • Multiple frequency sharing allows up to 20 systems to operate in a 90-ft (27.4 m) radius with accuracy and precision and without delay, system interference, or crosstalk.
  • Auto On feature extends the battery life up to 250 hours of welding without turning the pedal on and off.
  • Improves reliability by eliminating control cord failure.
  • Easily programmable. The Wireless Remote Foot Control can be quickly and easily paired with any other Miller 14-pin wireless receiver. (Control is preprogrammed when purchased with the receiver.)
  • Improves safety by eliminating control cord and reducing potential trip hazard.
  • Warranted for 1 year, parts and labor.

Included with Product

  • Foot control with wireless transmitter
  • 14-pin wireless receiver
  • Battery box with three AA batteries
  • Four Easy-Glide Wear Pads
  • Owners manual

Compatible With

  • Dynasty 210 and 210 DX
  • Dynasty 280 and 280 DX
  • Dynasty 400
  • Dynasty 700
  • Maxstar 150 STL and STH
  • Maxstar 200 SD, DX and LX
  • Maxstar 350
  • Maxstar 700
  • Syncrowave 250 DX
  • Syncrowave 350 LX
  • Syncrowave 300
  • Syncrowave 400
  • Trailblazer 325


Miller Part Number 301580

Miller Wireless Foot Control Spec Sheet



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