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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

FUPA SG-13 Thread On Glass Fupa #13 Cup

the Furick Fupa SG-13 thread on glass cup - the top choice for all your TIG welding needs! The Fupa SG-13 is the new and improved design of the original Fupa cup, now featuring a threaded brass chassis that makes installation a breeze and improves gas delivery like never before. And the best part? No more pesky o-rings to create a seal at the neck of the cup! 

The Fupa SG-13 is a Size 13  with a thread on brass insert  No more o-rings

  • No More O-rings
  • Flat Diffusers
  • 3/32 size stock

Comes with Glass cup, Comes stock with 3/32

This glass cup is perfect for 3/32 tungsten and DC TIG welding with a maximum of 180 Amps. Recommended gas flow is between 30 - 40 CFH for optimal performance.

Installation is easy peasy lemon squeezy - for 17, 18, and 26 series torches, simply follow the instructions provided. For 9 and 20 series torches, we've got you covered too! And please, whatever you do, do not over tighten the glass. Screw the cup onto the collet body until you feel minimum tension. The brass won't bottom out on the torch, so do not force it!

As an added bonus, you'll receive one spare diffuser disc included with your purchase. And guess what? The FUPA SG-13 is made in the good ol' USA! Don't wait, order yours today!


  • Size #13
  • Includes diffuser for 3/32" tungsten
  • Increase visibility
  • Superior gas coverage
  • Built in heat sink

Set-Up Required  for 2 Series (9, 20) TIG Torch:

Set-Up Required for 3 Series (17, 26, 18) TIG Torches:

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