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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

20' Extension Cable for Cougartron Inox FURY Weld Cleaner

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Color: Orange
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Extend the reach of your weld cleaning wand or ground clamp by an additional 20 feet. Connects to existing lead as shown in video. While these cables are effectively identical, it is recommended to purchase a black cable to extend your ground clamp, and an orange cable to extend your leads!

To be used exclusively with InoxFURY weld cleaner. The InoxFURY extension lead is 20ft (6M) long and will add extra mobility to your weld cleaning process. The leads are best used on higher steel structures where you need additional flexibility. The lead comes in orange and black color variations.

Cougartron extension lead for InoxFURY weld cleaner is 20ft long to give you extra length and mobility (up to 40ft) to use off- or on-site during weld cleaning, electropolishing or marking.

Note: Depending on your production needs, you might need one or two extension cables to either extend the handle cable that connects to the weld cleaning brush or the ground cable with the clamp that connects to the workpiece, or both. We are happy to give advice should you need help. Send us an email with your questions at

Cougartron Part Number: WELC2579 for Orange, WELC2580 for Black

Note: Video depicts extension for smaller machines, but the principle is identical.


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