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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

ESAB Renegade VOLT ES200i Battery Powered Stick/Live DC TIG

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ESAB Renegade VOLT ES200i Battery Powered Stick/Live DC TIG Welder

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The ESAB Renegade Volt ES200i a portable, cordless battery powered, Stick (SMAW) and Live TIG (Direct DC GTAW) welder! It is a heavy duty, robust, impact resistant but lightweight portable unit. When it comes to battery powered portable welders it is as strong as they come. It is built to withstand the harshest working environments while maintaining top notch quality. The Renegade volt has a very unique design with built in protection. It is Sun and UV resistant, it will not burn the screen or controls or fade in color. 


  • SMAW/MMA (Stick)
  • Live DC TIG GTAW (TIG)


The cordless Renegade VOLT, The first ever welder strictly powered by DeWALT's FLEXVOLT batteries in 6 Ah, 9 Ah, and 12 Ah capacities. Accommodating four 12 Ah batteries, which are included in the package, it has enough power to burn up to 33 (E6013) electrodes on a single charge.


Renegade VOLT is designed for mobile welders who work in remote or hard-to-reach locations without access to AC mains power. It is highly portable and offers a significant amount of power. The Renegade VOLT is lightweight and compact to where generators can not. The volt comes in at 5x smaller and lighter than a typical compact welder/generator. The Renegade VOLT, with the innovatively crafted design, has the ability to separate into two individual parts for an even easier carry. So no matter what the job, you have the freedom to weld absolutely anywhere.    


In AMP+ Hybrid Mode, Renegade VOLT can supplement AC mains power with battery power. This feature prevents bothersome trips on smaller breaker sizes and provides additional output when welding on 120V input. Whether you're on the go or in the shop. The cordless power will burn up to 30 electrodes per charge thanks to four swappable 12Ah DeWalt FlexVolt batteries, and the ability to plug into mains power, no job can outrun the wrath of the Renegade VOLT! 


Renegade VOLT offers the highest arc quality with special features such as hot start, arc force, memory storage, and cellulosic mode (6010). These features can be adjusted to optimize performance based on the application or user preference. Being a battery powered welding it outputs direct clean DC voltage to give you that smooth, stable arc that any welders needs. The welding performance of Renegade VOLT remains uncompromised by its cordless battery power; instead, it revolutionizes it. This welder boasts exceptional arc quality, advanced features, and a user-friendly interface, making it a top-tier choice for both Stick and Live DC TIG welding. Moreover, the innovative AMP+ hybrid mode intelligently combines mains and battery power, preventing inconvenient circuit breaker trips when operating on 120 VAC outlets.

  • 200 A Output on AC mains (230V)
  • Up to 140 A output on battery power
  • Includes 4 DeWalt FlexVolt 20V/60V Max 12Ah batteries 
  • AMP + hybrid Mode for extra power
  • Lightweight and portable battery powered welder
  • Durable, impact-resistant housing 
  • Sun-friendly, UV resistant, intuitive user interface
  • Memory storage for welding parameters 

Harness the power of lighting


The welder has a rugged industrial design with a durable housing that can withstand impact. It also has multiple lift points for easy operation and transport in the field. The user interface is designed for outdoor use, including direct sunlight, and has a bright, intuitive color screen. It displays the battery status and has a remaining arc time calculator.


  • ESAB Renegade VOLT Power Source
  • Detachable battery box
  • DeWalt FlexVolt 12Ah batteries (4x) 
  • DeWalt 4-Port fast charger
  • Electrode holder/stinger
  • Ground clamp
  • Shoulder strap 

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