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Cougartron Weld Cleaning Quad Brush Assembly

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A complete assembly for cleaning with four brushes* simultaneously.

The assembly consists of:

  • Cougartron FURY Wand – WELC2547
  • Quad brush adapter – WELC2010
  • Quad Brush Twisting Shroud – WELC2573

The quad brush assembly is ideal to use with Cougartron FURY weld cleaner that has enough power to clean heavily oxidized welds for long periods of time.

It is also great for cleaning surface rust and other contaminants off of the surface with Cougartron ProPlus or InoxFURY.

*Compatible with:

  • Cougartron Superbrush – WELC3146

Scroll down to watch the Quad Brush assembly video.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.73 lbs

Compatible brush: Cougartron Superbrush - WELC3146

Adapter type: M6 (6mm thread)

Recommended for: surface cleaning

Recommended weld cleaner: Cougartron FURY

Cougartron part number: WELC 2214