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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

Cougartron Power 30 Weld Cleaning System

The perfect system for those that want a portable, do-everything weld cleaning system. After listening to extensive feedback from their customers, Cougartron has phased out some of their older machines, and made one machine to cover many processes. With a higher output at 100% duty cycle, this compact portable weld cleaner is guaranteed to increase productivity.

This machine will quickly and easily remove any discoloration from stainless TIG welds, leaving you with a clean, customer ready final product.


Three Main Functions:

  • Weld Cleaning Mode 1: Low voltage output for light TIG welds and extended brush life
  • Weld Cleaning Mode 2: High voltage for darker TIG welds, or welds with higher oxide
  • Marking Mode: fast and easy electrochemical marking and etching


Selling Features:

  • Provides EXCELLENT results on stainless TIG welds
  • The power needed for production, the portability required for off site work
  • Includes waterproof carrying case fit for industrial environments
  • Industry best power to weight ratio
  • Wide range of brush accessories available



Weight:  14.34 lbs

Dimensions/size:  8.66'' wide x 14.88' high x 6.69'' deep

Power input/output:  110V (230V) / 14V, 30 Amps

Application/capabilities of the machine:  Weld cleaning, Electrochemical Marking

Weld cleaning method:  Electrochemical

Metal type:  Stainless steel

Weld type:  TIG – Light and dark

Recommended type of brush to use:  Cougartron Powerbrush

Maximum amount of brushes used at the same time:  One (1)

Material:  Splash-proof , durable plastic case sealed box

Portable:  Yes

Warranty:  2 Years after registration

Power 30 Contents:

  • InoxPower machine
  • Ground Cable (Black)
  • Handle Cable (Orange)
  • Wand and the twist shroud (for the weld cleaning brush)
  • 10 Pack Powerbrush weld cleaning brushes
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Acid pot
  • Orange rubber gloves
  • Neutralizing fluid and spray bottle

IMPORTANT: Weld cleaning and neutralizing fluids are not part of the InoxPower machine kit. They must be purchased separately before you begin working with the machine.


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