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Cougartron Marking Head with Adaptor for Metal Etching -Spare

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The Cougartron Marking Head plays an important role in the marking process.

It connects to the Lead Handle Cable (from a weld cleaner) thanks to the adaptor. In combination with the Marking Felt and Yellow fabric completes the marking head assembly used for direct contact with the metal surface.

The Marking Head with Adaptor is included in both Cougartron Etching Sets. We recommend to replace the head if you see any signs of damage.

Please note: This Marking Head with Adaptor is not compatible with our Marking Machines (MK12, MK612) For that, you need to use the WELC4029: Cougartron Marking Head (without adaptor)


Weight: 0.08 lbs

Compatible accessories: White Marking Felt - WELC4033, Yellow Fabric - WELC4026. O-ring - WELC4002

Cougartron product number: WELC4040