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Cougartron FURY Weld Cleaning Quad Brush Assembly

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Now you can clean welds faster by using four FURY 200A brushes simultaneously.

The advantage of the quad brush assembly is that you can cover a larger surface area and clean significantly faster.

The specially designed twisting shroud to fit this assembly is heat resistant, protects the brush crimps and stays in desired position during weld cleaning or polishing process.

The set consists of:

  • FURY Wand with quad brush adapter. This adapter is only compatible with the FURY 200A brush.
  • WELC2573 – Cougartron Quad brush twisting shroud

If you want to connect a different Cougartron brush such as Powerbrush or Superbrush – you can use the special quad brush adaptor with M6 thread (WELC2010) with the single InoxFURY wand (WELC2547)
Or purchase the entire set (WELC2214) with the Wand , twist shroud and M6 quad brush adapter.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.716 lbs

Compatible weld cleaning brush: FURY 200A Brush

Compatible accessories: M6 quad brush adapter - WELC2010 (for Powerbrush and Superbrush)

Recommended for: surface cleaning

Cougartron part number: 2457