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Cougartron FURY Weld Cleaning Double Brush Twist Shroud - Spare

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The twist shroud is a part of the new FURY Double Brush Set. Shroud only, not the full assembly.

A brush shroud is an inevitable tool that protects weld cleaning brushes during electrolytic weld cleaning or polishing.

  • It can withstand high temperatures
  • Protects the brush threads and brush crimps
  • Keeps the brushes fixed in the correct position (only the brush tips should be left uncovered during the cleaning)
  • Does not move up and down during the cleaning process

Tip: Replace the shroud immediately with the new one in case you see signs of damage.

Features & Specifications

Weight: 0.116 lbs

Replacement Shroud for: WELC2448 - FURY Double Brush Set, WELC2188 - Cougartron Double Brush Set

Cougartron part number: WELC2572