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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

CK Worldwide MT375 Water Cooled AC/DC TIG Welder 

If you want a high quality, high amperage, water-cooled TIG welder from a North American company but you don't want to take out a second mortgage to get it, THIS IS THE MACHINE! Designed as a direct competitor to the Miller Syncrowave 400 and Dynasty 400, the MT375 does not disappoint. This machine offers the smoothest most stable arc that money can buy, with the high end accessories you have come to expect from CK Worldwide. 

When you purchase from us, you get a free set of fused quarts TIG cups with laminar flow gas diffusers. The only clear cups rated for 350 Amps!

Not only does this package come with both the MT375 TIG welder and the WC375 water cooler, but it also includes a custom built cart to perfectly accommodate everything. This package will be wheeling around your shop for years to come! 

Professional Power and Performance

The MT375-AC/DC is the answer to both creativity and production driven TIG welding. This innovative water cooled TIG welding system provides the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to dynamic welding situations, while maintaining the same quality of experience you have come to expect from CK Worldwide.

The MT375AC/DC is a dual voltage powerful 375 amp inverter with; AC balance and frequency, post gas flow settings, and pulse settings that use analog dials allowing for ease of use and range.

The MT375 is fully equipped with a dual pump water cooler, utility cart, TL18 Trim-Line 350 amp flex neck torch with Super-Flex cables, ground cable and clamp, argon hose, accessory kit, and new patented Steady-Grip Foot Pedal. This new foot pedal design provides both options in one by incorporating the popular Steady-Grip fingertip amperage control into a quick release foot pedal. With background testing performed by production welders and the best TIG welding professionals in the industry the MT375 delivers precision welding.

 Steady-Grip Foot Pedal Amperage Control

This new foot pedal design provides maximum flexibility due to the integrated Steady-Grip pistol grip amperage control. Simply open up the foot pedal using two quick release bolts and extract the popular Steady-Grip pistol grip amperage control when needed. Attach your torch via the hook-and loop straps and you’re ready to weld!

The number one difference customers notice with CK Worldwide TIG welders is the quality feel and finish of all the accessories. There's nothing cheap about this set-up, CK Worldwide did not skimp on any detail

  • The torch is a lightweight Trimline TL18 TIG torch with superflex cables and a 350 amp capacity at an honest 100% duty cycle. This ultra lightweight torch is part of the CK Worldwide exclusive Trimline series, and has the same size and weight as a standard #17 TIG torch.
  • The dinse 35 connection is not molded to the torch leads, it is a standalone adapter with brass fittings. This means if you want to switch TIG torches, or bring your torch to your buddy's machine, you will need $10 in parts not a completely new package.
  • The remote amperage control is THE COOLEST THING EVER! This CK Worldwide exclusive steady-grip foot pedal gives users the option to use a foot pedal for standard welds on a work bench, while also having a detachable finger control for out of position work. Can be used in pistol grip style, or finger slide style.

details of ck worldwide steady grip amperage control showing how finger control is removed from foot pedal

  • The argon flow meter is made of heavy-duty brass with a highly accurate floating ball style gauge. Cheap machines come with regulators housed in plastic that have a tendency to pop off within the first year of use, or have slight leaks that waste your precious argon!
  • The ground clamp is an absolute monster made of a big thick piece of copper (yes, that extremely conductive, highly expensive element that the old school welders all had before quality went downhill!).
  • The consumables starter kit is full of genuine CK Worldwide components. This is just enough for you to try out 1/16”, 3/32”, and 1/8” tungsten set ups to figure out what best suits your needs. 



Please note the specifications on the last image. This machine is designed for single phase power in either 230V or 460V. Most Canadian shops have 575V and will need some custom wiring to unlock the full potential of this unit.


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