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CK Worldwide MT200 AC/DC TIG Welder

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CK Worldwide MT200 AC/DC TIG Welder 

From the makers of the worlds best TIG accessories comes the MT200-AC/DC TIG Welding Machine.  CK worldwide has applied their expertise in the realm of TIG welding to create this innovative TIG welding machine.  The MT200 provides the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to dynamic welding situations with a simple and easy to use interface in a compact and portable unit.  Equipped with the best TIG accessories on the market, the MT200 provides the quality of experience you have come to expect from CK Worldwide.

  • High-performance dual voltage inverter for 115V and 220V
  • Two dynamic welding modes: GTAW (TIG) and SMAW (Stick)
  • Easy-to-use interface allows quick setting adjustments
  • Compact, portable design for use in multiple applications
  • Features square wave technology
  • Generator Safe - Can run off of an 8000W or larger generator



USER Manual

Package Includes:

  • MT200-AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
  •  CK17 Flex-head Torch with
  • 12.5’ (3.8m) Super-Flex™ Cables
  • (CK17-12-RSF FX)
  • Dinse Connector (SL2-35)
  • AK-3 Accessory/Consumable Kit (AK-3)
  • Foot Pedal Amperage Control
  • Ground Clamp with 12.5’ (3.8m) Cable
  • Single-Flow Regulator
  • 6’ (1.8m) Argon Hose
  • 220V to 115V Power Adapter


Note from the President: We have 5+ Demo models in our shop, and when I TIG weld for personal use, this is the only machine I use. We sell cheaper TIG welders, but we don't sell a better one!