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Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.
Figuring out what you need can be challenging! Email for help.

CK Worldwide FL230 Flex-Loc Swivel Head Water Cooled TIG Torch

SKU FL2312
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Cable Length: 12.5 Feet
Cable Type: Standard
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CK Worldwide FL230 Flex-Loc Swivel Head Water Cooled TIG Torch

Water cooled 230 amp small TIG torch with 360 degree rotation swivel head sold in the configuration of your choice. Ultra compact front end takes 2 series consumables which are the same as a 9 or 20 TIG torch.

This torch is very popular with welders doing out of position work at high amperages, or performing long single pass TIG welds. The swivel head allows you to get comfortable in any position. The handle and head on this torch are very small, and the swivel feature allows awkward angles to be hit with ease.

The FL230 with superflex cables has earned what we at Weldready call Rolls Royce status. There is no other torch that handles this well. 


  • 360 Degree swivel head for out of position work
  • 230 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100% duty cycle
  • Flex-Lock torch - 7-3/4" length (19.6 cm) 5 oz weight (141 g) 
  • Superflex cable available - Silicone hose with a nylon overbraid making it lighter and more flexible than traditional TIG cable
  • Water cooling allows for longer use at higher amperage

    Part numbers and Options:

    • FL2312 - 12.5' Standard 1 piece Cable
    • FL2325 - 25' Standard 1 piece Cable
    • FL2312SF - 12.5' Superflex 1 piece Cable
    • FL2325SF - 25' Superflex 1 piece Cable


    Uses 2 series consumables

    Flex Loc TIG torches are a CK worldwide exclusive. Incredible for out of position welds or getting in to tight or awkward spaces.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Perfect torch for improving workflow, reducing setup time, and increasing comfort. As soon as i got the torch the utility of this torch was immediately apparent. High quality, as youd expect with any ck product. Superflex cables are must. Great shipping times and great customer service.

    Rowan Brewster
    Ck flexloc

    Bought this to replace the flex loc knock off that came with my machine. The torch itself doesn’t seem all that much different,though setting the head and locking it down is a bit smoother and has a more solid feel to it.I’m sure the internals are set up better too though I didn’t compare that yet. The real hero here for me is the super flex cable/hose. The other torch always felt like it was fighting me because of the stiffer lines and the memory they seem to have. The super flex is more like holding a pen. Barely know the cable/hoses are there and they don’t try to influence where I point the tingsten. I still think the brass fittings are way too expensive for what they are,but they work well and over all this is another quality ck product that I’m proud to own.

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