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CK Worldwide FL150 Flex-Loc Swivel Head TIG Torch

Original price $254.99 - Original price $434.99
Original price
$254.99 - $434.99
Current price $254.99
Cable Length: 12.5 Feet
Cable Type: Standard

CK Worldwide FL150 Flex-Loc Swivel Head TIG Torch

Air cooled 150 amp TIG torch with 360 degree rotation swivel head sold in the configuration of your choice. 

  • 150 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100% duty cycle
  • Flex-Lock torch - 8-1/2" length (21.6 cm) 7 oz weight (198 g) 
  • Superflex cable available - Silicone hose with a nylon overbraid making it lighter and more flexible than traditional TIG cable

    Part numbers:

    • FL1512 - 12' Standard 1 piece Cable
    • FL1525 - 25' Standard 1 piece Cable
    • FL1512SF - 12' Superflex 1 piece Cable
    • FL1525SF - 25' Superflex 1 piece Cable

    Uses 3 series consumables

    2 piece cables available by request

    Flex Loc TIG torches are a CK worldwide exclusive. Incredible for out of position welds or getting in to tight or awkward spaces.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Lucas G
    Worth the price tag.

    I am very happy with this torch. I have seen lots of the pros using it, and I can say it makes a giant difference. I purchased the super flex hose with it. The articulation and flexibility of the hose make different positions easy and it is very easy to get comfortable. It definitely reduces fatigue. I was impressed how I could get into some difficult tight spaces recently when working on a boat’s stainless steel bow roller.

    My only negative would be that it’s limited to a150amp rating.