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500 GK Right Stop and Clamping Square (Aluminum/Titanium)

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The Siegmund 500 GK Right Stop and Clamping Square GK (Aluminum/Titanium), facilitates a multitude of clamping options, due to its three-dimensionality. It is especially designed for working with heavy parts, and can be used as a stop as well as a table extension. Stop and Clamping Squares are manufactured using an aluminum-titanium alloy, to reach maximum stability. Ordering in pairs is recommended.

Aluminum-Titanium: We use this lightweight and high-strength material for weight reasons for some large stop and clamping squares. However, the hardness of nitrided cast steel can not be achieved here.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160139
- Aluminum/Titanium
- Stop on Right
- Standard mm Fine Scale
- Length: 195mm (7.67'')
- Width: 49mm (1.92'')
- Height: 500mm (19.68'')
- Material Thickness: 14mm (0.55'')
- Weight: 11.7 Ibs.