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3M Slim Profile Half Face Reusable Respirator for Under Welding Helmet

by 3M
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Size: Small

The best option for a small profile respirator to comfortably fit under your welding hood or grinding shield face mask. Attach any 6000 series filter or 2000 series filter depending on what job you are doing. This product is NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying applications.

If you do a lot of grinding, or you like to put your face right next to the weld puddle when you work, this is a great option to help keep your lungs safe. Don't let pulling black gunk out of your nose at the end of a shift or coughing up gray become normal. It's not!

For harsher environments and increased safety, consider using a supplied air positive pressure PAPR set up. 

This equipment is NOT rated for use in IDLH environments (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health). This product does NOT come with 3M filter cartridges. They are sold separately. 

Customer Reviews

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Jon schillinger

It still doesn’t fit under my welding helmet