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CK Worldwide 3 Series Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Bodies

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Size: 0.020"/0.040" (1.0mm)

CK Worldwide 3 Series Large Diameter Gas Lenses

Gas lenses provide a more directed gas flow and improved gas coverage compared with a traditional collet body set up which allows you to increase tungsten stick out. Large diameter gas lenses combined with large diameter cups allow you to use a gas flooding strategy to completely cover the weld puddle with shielding gas. Commonly used when welding inside of tubes or pipes.

Fits CK17, WP17, CK26, WP26, and all other 3 series TIG torches.

Size/Part Numbers Available

  • 0.020”/0.040" 3GL0204LD (by order only)
  • 1/16" 3GL116LD
  • 3/32" 3GL332LD
  • 1/8" 3GL418LD
  • 5/32" 3GL532LD