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1/4" Type R Twin Welding Hose With BB Fittings

Original price $45.00 - Original price $115.00
Original price
$45.00 - $115.00
Current price $45.00
Length: 25 ft.

1/4" Type R Twin Welding Hose

  • Inside layer constructed of Synthetic rubber compatible with oxygen & acetylene only - For natural gas, propane and propylene see grade T hose
  • Outside layer constructed of Synthetic rubber with a smooth cover
  • Reinforced with spiral synthetic yarn

      What is the difference between Type T hose and Type R hose?

      Type T hose is engineered to resist the chemical reaction that occurs between rubber hose and the natural oils in propane, natural gas and propylene that over time will degraded Type R hose causing it to dry and crack.  It is safe to use Acetylene with both types of hose but type T is more expensive so it is something to consider when making a purchase.