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Powerweld Victor Style Tote-A-Torch Kit Portable Oxy-Fuel Outfit - Welding & Cutting

par Powerweld
Original price $387.00 - Original price $600.00
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$387.00 - $600.00
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Options: Outfit With Tote (No Tanks)


Cutting, Welding, Heating Outfit

Contains all the equipment you need for cutting, welding, and brazing anywhere in a rugged plastic carrying case. Cuts up to 6" and welds up to 3/8". 9/16"-18 B Connections


  • 313OX Oxygen Regulator
  • 313AC Acetylene Regulator
  • PW100 Welding Torch
  • PW1350 Cutting Attachment
  • 3-101 Cutting Tip Size #0
  • CV20R/CV21L Check Valve Set
  • PW316-12 Twin Welding Hose
  • R1165 Welding Goggles
  • 3001 Flint Lighter
  • PTK-T Carry Tote


  • PTK: Tote and Outfit (No Cylinders)
  • PTK-C: Tote and outfit with cylinders

Option with tanks includes a OX-20 oxygen cylinder and an AC-10 acetylene cylinder


Hose extensions available in sizes 25', 50', and 100'

Cutting Tips available in all sizes